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Baseball Cards..Long John Silver’s Style…

I grew up collecting baseball cards, just like about every other guy in the mid-80’s and early 90’s, and that was the hook Long John Silver’s used to get us to buy a Fish and More dinner. After all, back then baseball cards were like gold. And to be honest, they weren’t too bad as far as baseball cards go, they were officially licensed by both the Players Association and Major League Baseball, that meant none of those lame cards were the team logos are airbrushed off the jersey. Made by Starline in 1990, the cards were pretty popular and made a great addition to your collection. LJS even made a commecial to let us know how awesome these baseball cards were…

Yes, that was then Chicago Cub Mark Grace shilling the cards, I am guessing he got paid in hushpuppies. If you bought a one of the fish meals and a large Coke they gave you the cards for free. Their were eight sets of the cards available, with five cards per set. Apparently their was a mail in offer where you could get a poster of one of the featured players for four bucks but I have never met anyone who ever actually ever bought one. All in all, it is actually a pretty nice set of cards featuring the popular players of the day.

The bad thing about these baseball cards is that they are pretty common. While I didn’t eat at Long John Silver’s very often, my grandparents did – everyone’s grandparents did. And they brought you back the cards. I have at least four complete sets stashed away here at home and I haven’t bought a baseball card in the last twenty years. But still, it was really cool promotion. After all, LJS wasn’t trying to make it a valuable collection they just wanted to sell fish. And it worked. Nothing wrong with that.

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