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McCone-ing? Really?


eat it, don't play with it...


A little break from my trip down the fast food memory lane to take a look at a popular new way to annoy the drive thru worker at your local McDonald’s..McCone-ing. Or maybe Coneing? Or Coning? I don’t know how you spell it but it just seems stupid. Here’s how it works – you order an ice cream cone, pay for it and then, when the drive thru employee hands it out to you from the window, you take it from the top of the cone, grabbing the ice cream and speed away in your mom’s Volvo, leaving behind a confused or maybe pissed off employee. Here is a video of some really cool dudes out coneing around town.

I have to admit the last guy’s reaction was kind of funny and I guess that is the whole point of the prank. If you are planning to go out to try your McConeing skills, just remember you may get the ice cream thrown at you or worse. There are a lot of videos on YouTube of the prank going bad. And to end this article, here’s a video of an angry McDonald’s manager who wouldn’t allow the coneing to happen on his watch…


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