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For That Special Child In Your Life….The Burger King Play Restaurant

I have always been kind of amazed by the amount of Fast Food related toys I see on the shelves at my local Wal-Mart but sometimes I am even more amazed at what was available back when I was a kid. Remco put out a McDonald’s action figure/doll thing back in the mid 70’s (and yes, we will be looking at that later) but I recently came across this awesome Burger King Play Restaurant. To be honest, I am not sure of what to make of it. I know that back in the 70’s these cardboard kid playhouses were a big deal. But a play Burger King? Complete with drive thru window? Wow!

mommy and daddy still love you..

It was featured in the Sears Wishbook (if you were a kid in the 70’s or 80’s you know what I am talking about, the Wishbook was the bomb!) along side girly playhouses and army forts. I’m not sure what parent saw this Burger King set and thought “You know, I think little Johnny would enjoy that” and really meant it. And, as a parent, I would be terrified if my child came to me and asked for this for Christmas. I doubt it sold well…how could it? What parent would tell the friends and family little Billy is in the backyard selling pretend hamburgers in his little cardboard shack? I am sure someone bought it, and if you did please email me immediatly.The set came with a paper hat, Burger King bags, an order pad and some other crap. Not too shabby for a toy that would make you the neighborhood outcast.