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Burger King sues Sarah Michelle Gellar

In 1981, before she became Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Mrs. Freddie Prinze, Sarah Michelle Gellar was a spokesperson for Burger King commercial. She was gutsy enough to point out that Burger King’s burgers were twenty percent larger than the wimpy version peddled by McDonald’s. Being that this was on of the first times that a fast food place called out opponent by name, McDonald’s pretty much literally flipped their shit and sued everyone connect to that commercial. Everyone from the Burger King, the advertising company that created the  commercial and, just for the fun of it, Sarah Michelle Gellar. By the way, she was four years old.

At some point, cooler heads prevailed or at least they came to settlement sometime in 1982. Sarah was five at the time and, while I’m not sure if she had to pay out any cash, I’m sure she was given a firm lecture on not making fun of Ronald and his boys. That clown can’t take a joke! Anyway, below is the controversial commercial. Enjoy!

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For That Special Child In Your Life….The Burger King Play Restaurant

I have always been kind of amazed by the amount of Fast Food related toys I see on the shelves at my local Wal-Mart but sometimes I am even more amazed at what was available back when I was a kid. Remco put out a McDonald’s action figure/doll thing back in the mid 70’s (and yes, we will be looking at that later) but I recently came across this awesome Burger King Play Restaurant. To be honest, I am not sure of what to make of it. I know that back in the 70’s these cardboard kid playhouses were a big deal. But a play Burger King? Complete with drive thru window? Wow!

mommy and daddy still love you..

It was featured in the Sears Wishbook (if you were a kid in the 70’s or 80’s you know what I am talking about, the Wishbook was the bomb!) along side girly playhouses and army forts. I’m not sure what parent saw this Burger King set and thought “You know, I think little Johnny would enjoy that” and really meant it. And, as a parent, I would be terrified if my child came to me and asked for this for Christmas. I doubt it sold well…how could it? What parent would tell the friends and family little Billy is in the backyard selling pretend hamburgers in his little cardboard shack? I am sure someone bought it, and if you did please email me immediatly.The set came with a paper hat, Burger King bags, an order pad and some other crap. Not too shabby for a toy that would make you the neighborhood outcast.