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McCone-ing? Really?


eat it, don't play with it...


A little break from my trip down the fast food memory lane to take a look at a popular new way to annoy the drive thru worker at your local McDonald’s..McCone-ing. Or maybe Coneing? Or Coning? I don’t know how you spell it but it just seems stupid. Here’s how it works – you order an ice cream cone, pay for it and then, when the drive thru employee hands it out to you from the window, you take it from the top of the cone, grabbing the ice cream and speed away in your mom’s Volvo, leaving behind a confused or maybe pissed off employee. Here is a video of some really cool dudes out coneing around town.

I have to admit the last guy’s reaction was kind of funny and I guess that is the whole point of the prank. If you are planning to go out to try your McConeing skills, just remember you may get the ice cream thrown at you or worse. There are a lot of videos on YouTube of the prank going bad. And to end this article, here’s a video of an angry McDonald’s manager who wouldn’t allow the coneing to happen on his watch…


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McDonald’s Burritos and Fajitas..1991

From 1990 to 1993, I was employed by McDonald’s doing everything from working the grill to taking orders at the front counter. Sometimes, thanks to the internet, it reminds of things I completely forgot about, for example, the introduction of the Breakfast Burritos and the now long gone Chicken Fajita. For whatever reason, McDonald’s went into the burritos biz and despite the fact that the breakfast option may still be around, it just seemed strange. Anyway, I found this picture of a tray liner plugging the new items and it did take me back to 1991.

From what I remember, the breakfast burrito was pretty popular but the chicken fajita had a pretty quick death. And I had a major problem learning to wrap a burrito correctly. I hated making those things.  If I remember correctly, all the fajita option came in a little plastic bag that we would cut open and fry on the grill before dumping it into a tortilla shell. Oh man, I just found a commercial…

It seemed like everyone was pretty excited about these burritos things but, like I said, the fajita died off pretty quickly. I never even bothered to eat one of them. Makes me wish I did but that’s the way it goes…

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The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special..Brought To You By McDonald’s…

As hard as I have tried to remember, and maybe I missed something, I can’t really find a good tie in from a fast food place to Thanksgiving. I doubt little money is made by the burger places on Thanksgiving, in fact most are closed on this great holiday. Fortunately, though, I was able to find this old ad spot from McDonald’s from 1986 sponsoring the classic cartoon “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”. Apparently McDonald’s ran a bunch of commercials during the show that year.

Tomorrow kicks off the official Christmas shopping season and, over the years, McDonald’s and friends have been commercializing the life out of that season. That’s all for now, go enjoy some leftover turkey and check back tomorrow.

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1978 Kentucky Fried Chicken Commercial…

One of the reasons I started this little blog is my love of old commercials. I like the toy commercials and some for cars or old movie trailers but the ones that always really take me back are the fast food commercials. This Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial features all that was great in olden days advertising – over eager employees, bratty kids, a perplexed mother and a catchy jingle. Let us watch this commercial and remember back to simpler times…

I don’t what is the best of the ad..the kids I could barely understand gurgling something about wanting crispy chicken, the Mom looking pained about the situation or the employee actually looking like she gave a damn who Becky or Sally or whatever the other kid’s name was great! I also liked the part at the end where the twins are chowing down in the back on their undeserved chicken and Mom sits in the front driving them home looking relieved. Maybe her husband would beat her if the kids didn’t get the exact chicken the demanded? Who knows? The 1970’s were a strange time..

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Burger King sues Sarah Michelle Gellar

In 1981, before she became Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Mrs. Freddie Prinze, Sarah Michelle Gellar was a spokesperson for Burger King commercial. She was gutsy enough to point out that Burger King’s burgers were twenty percent larger than the wimpy version peddled by McDonald’s. Being that this was on of the first times that a fast food place called out opponent by name, McDonald’s pretty much literally flipped their shit and sued everyone connect to that commercial. Everyone from the Burger King, the advertising company that created the  commercial and, just for the fun of it, Sarah Michelle Gellar. By the way, she was four years old.

At some point, cooler heads prevailed or at least they came to settlement sometime in 1982. Sarah was five at the time and, while I’m not sure if she had to pay out any cash, I’m sure she was given a firm lecture on not making fun of Ronald and his boys. That clown can’t take a joke! Anyway, below is the controversial commercial. Enjoy!

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